Brake Ring Assembly Machine

Brake Ring Assembly Machine manufacturers & exporters from India, Brake Ring Assembly Machine is designed for testing of Railway Brake Ring Assembly Purpose Main Features of the Test Bench are:

  •  PC based system with Lab VIEW software & NI data acquisition cards for measuring process parameters.
  •  Check the presence of Brake part on fixture & pressuring through Hydraulic Cylinder
  •  Hydraulic Power Pack is used for Cylinder RAM Up/Down Purpose
  •  Both side start switch for hydraulic press cycle start
  •  Load Cell is also attached for measuring actual pressing load to brake ring Assembly
  •  Electric Motor with gearbox for rotating the brake part in CW/CCW Direction
  •  During Motor CW Direction Ring Assembly automatic between both part
  •  During Motor CCW Direction Ring Remove automatic between both part for Rework
  •  Acquired, displayed and controlled under set time and pressure limits for different models.
  •  Data logging of Parameter for analysis