Compressor Endurance Test Bench

Compressor Endurance Test Bench manufacturers & exporters from India, Test Bench has been design & developed for endurance testing of automobile AC Compressors. Main Features of the Test Bench are:

  •  Compressor Life Cycle Test Benches and Compressor Slug Test Benches are designed for reliable operation and for continuous duty over long time periods to allow endurance testing of compressors at extreme conditions. Systems can be provided to test compressors
  •  These stands are designed for quick compressor changeout and reliability of operation. Based on the specific needs of the end user, the test stands can be configured to control parameters such as compressor speed, compressor ambient temperature, evaporator heat load, discharge pressure, suction pressure, etc. These systems can be provided with semi-automatic controls (PID control loops) with connections to dataloggers or with fully automated data acquisition and control systems. Running through compressor by VFD driven motor, Condenser & Evaporator heat exchangers.
  •  PC Based system with NI DAQ cards, Lab VIEW software for monitoring & controlling process parameters such as suction pressure / temperature, discharge pressure/ temperature, expansion valve pressure/ temperature, chamber temperature , clutch RPM etc.
  •  Insulated compressor room chamber with temperature control
  •  Data logging of controlled parameters for Quality analysis.