Compressor Vibration Test Bench

Compressor Vibration Test Bench manufacturers & exporters from India, Test Bench is used for on-line quality testing of assembled Car AC Compressor, Main Features of Test Bench are:

  •  Check the presence of Compressor Part on fixture& Scan presents barcode sticker
  •  Test Bench Running for Set RPM up to 3000 as well as Measure Compressor Rotation through RPM Sensor
  •  Maintain Compressor Pressure on Suction & Discharge Port for measuring Vibration
  •  Tri Axis Vibration Sensor for Measuring Actual Vibration During Running on Set RPM
  •  Bar Code printing option available after completion of the test.
  •  FX5U PLC Based system with Mitsubishi Make HMI for monitoring and editing / setting of different model test parameters.
  •  “OK” and “NG” Output after completion of test.