DLT TESTING MACHINE DLTTesting Machine Manufacturers & Exporters from India designed for Coolant Circulation of Battery Cooling Plate, Heat Exchangers, Discharge & Suction Hoses, Condensers, Evaporator, Tube Liquids; Tank Receiver etc. used in auto AC conditioning system. Main Features of the Test Bench are:

  •  PLC based system with HMI for measuring process parameters.
  •  Diff Leak Checking Machine through ATEQ F620 to simulate real test conditions for components under test.
  •  Program Ateq Unit as per required Volume for precision measurement Integrate Thermal Expansion Unit
  •  DLT testing acquired, displayed and controlled under set time and pressure limits for different models.
  •  Components are put under test for settable number of times.
  •  Bar Code Printing after Completetion of Test as per Leak Data
  •  Data logging of Parameter for analysis