Height Clearance Measuring Machine

Machine manufacturers & exporters from India, Machine is design & developed for compressor front housing & compressor cylinder block Height & Clearance Measuring Purpose, Main features of machine are:

  •  Multi Stations for simultaneous testing of front housing & cylinder block Height & Clearance Measurements
  •  Height & Clearance measuring machine check the parallelism up to 1 microns
  •  Electronics gauges which check the parallelism at different points of compressor front housing & cylinder block.
  •  Check parallelism & diameters against settable upper & lower limits
  •  PLC Based system with Proface Touch Panel for monitoring and editing / setting of different model test parameters.
  •  “NG” Part is interlock with NG Shute Sensor for decamp the part
  •  “OK” & “NG” output after performing test