HV Testing Machine

HV Testing Machine manufacturers & exporters from India, Test Bench is an on-line testing machine developed to test stator coils used to engage clutches in automobile AC compressors. Main Features of the machine are:

  •  Fully PC based system, with NI Data acquisition cards & Lab VIEW software.
  •  Conducts 3 standard tests to check the quality of coil.
  •  Continuity & coil resistance test, checks the current drawn by coil with set limits.
  •  The Coolant power pack consisting of oil chamber, flow and pressure control valves, directional valves, intensifier , pressure transmitter for generating test pressure
  •  Insulation resistance test @ 500V AC - 1000V AC to check insulation quality of coil
  •  High voltage layer short test @ 2000 V DC to check for any internal layers short or turns present in coil, by comparing acquired ringing waveform developed from coil under test with the master coil.
  •  “OK” & “NG” output after performing all tests and auto stamping on coil.
  •  Data logging for every coil tested during each shift for analysis point of view.