Hydrostatics Pressure Burst Test Bench

Burst Pressure Test Bench manufacturers & exporters from India, Test Bench is designed for testing hoses, evaporators, heat exchangers etc. used in auto air conditioning systems. The Burst Test is used to determine the component’s weakest point. It is performed by internally pressurizing the component until it bursts for Dynamic/ Static burst thus determining its "Burst Strength Resistance". Main Features of the Test Bench are: Some specifications of hydrostatics burst test benches are as follows:

  •  PC based system with Lab VIEW software & NI data acquisition cards for controlling and monitoring of pressure and flow in the component under test along with Hydrostatic pressure Interactive user interface is provided on a touch screen panel for operator to set test parameters and interact with the system during the test.
  •  Maximum Hydrostatic test pressure ranging from: 0 to 315 Kgf/cm2. for Condenser and (0 – 10 Kgf/cm2) for radiator testing pressure control using air pressure 0 to 5 Kgf/cm2
  •  Safety chamber for component testing with door.
  •  “Burst Pressure” capturing and displaying
  •  Interactive user interface for setting/editing test parameters.
  •  Report generation after each Test
  •   “OK” and “NG” Output after completion of test.