Precocity Automation Systems as an outstanding small scale industry, from the year 2010. The company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Industrial Machines & Test Benches

Assembly & Testing of Compressor, Condensers, Evaporator, Radiator Core Buliding, Hose & Pipe, Clutch Coil, Rotor, Armature, HVAC, Blowers, Harness Testing, Switch & Lights, Engine Testing etc.

About us

Precocity Automation Systems specialize in the field of Customized Test & Measurement automation also design and development special purpose test bench for a wide range of applications, we not only understand the importance of software, but we also believe software is the foundation of your measurement and control system. Using National Instruments software, including our flagship product, the Lab VIEW graphical development environment, increases your productivity in creating test, measurement, and automation solutions through data acquisition, data analysis, and data visualization. Because our software architecture incorporates each of our products, you can use these products separately or together to build your measurement and control system. This area of measurement specialties provides for voltage, current, pressure and temperature in critical way for fast and actual measurement systems. It is a PC based recording system which operate through windows based software that display a real time actual data if required as well as plot graph and predefined data input fields

Test Benches

Condenser Fan Test Bench, Bus AC Test Bench, Air Flow Measurement Test Bench, Air Leak Test Bench, HVAC Test Bench, HVAC Functional Test Bench, Blower Test Bench, Hydraulic & Hydrostatic Burst Pressure Test Bench, Hydraulic & Hydrostatic Pressure Pulsation Test Bench, Power Window Test Bench, Motor Test Bench, Reaction Force Test Bench, Leak & Pressure Decay Test Bench, Compressor Stator Coil Test Bench, Surge & Insulation Check Test Bench, Bump Test Bench, Break Endurance Test Bench, DV Break Endurance Test Bench and many more test benhces as per customers requirements…..


Condenser Vacuum & Pressure Decay Leak Machine, Part Missing Machine, Compressor Rotor Run-Out Check Machine, Compressor Rotor Diameter Check Machine, Compressor Front Housing & Cylinder Block Height & Clearance Measuring Machine, Compressor Rotor Press Machine, Shim/Washer Selection Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine, Pneumatic Press Machine and many more machine as per customers requirements…..