Magnet Coil Endurance Test Bench

Magnet Coil Endurance Test Bench manufacturers & exporters from India, Magnet Coil Endurance Test Bench is designed for testing of Railway Brake Magnet Coil Durability Purpose Main Features of the Test Bench are:

  •  PC based system with Lab VIEW software & NI data acquisition cards for measuring process parameters.
  •  Check the presence of Magnet Coil on fixture for Performance Testing of Coil
  •  Actual Pneumatic Pressure will be control though pressure Relief valve & measures through Pressure Switch and counting the no. of cycle for endurance
  •  Coupling /locking plate connect with Magnet Coil & Solenoid Part for Performance checking as well as pressure display on Panel Meter
  •  Acquired, displayed and controlled under set time and pressure limits for different models.
  •  Components are put under test for settable number of cycles normally ranging up to 1, 00,000 & above.
  •  Data logging of Parameter for analysis